Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Pet

Having a pet- advantages and disadvantages

There are many people who have an animal at home. Why do they decide to have a pet? I think that it is because many people nowadays are lonely. People have to earn their livings. They spend much time in their jobs. They have no time for private life. Young people marry less often than in the past. They have less time to meet other people, to find someone to love. They decide to get a pet so as not to be completely lonely. A pet stays at home, it waits for its person to come home. We can play with a pet whenever we feel like doing it.

However, having a pet at home may cause some trouble. A dog for example is considered man's best friend. But we have to dedicate much time to take care of it. We have to remember about feeding it and going for a walk with it every day. Keeping a dog is also quite expensive. But if we are able fulfill these duties, we get something really important- a real friend. A dog-friend is very reliable and loyal. The person, who looks after it will make the most wonderful friend.

Having a pet- advantages and disadvantages(2)

Pets have accompanied mankind since the dawn of history. The domestication of animals began in the Neolithic Revolution 10-12 thousand years ago. People either love or hate this companionship. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a pet, which are discussed below.

One major advantage of having pets is that they can substitute for people and become one of their nearest and dearest companions. For instance, if someone lives alone he will find a pet very enjoyable. Furthermore, the presence of an animal in the home may provide a greater feeling of security, especially when this pet is a dog. In addition to this, pets often play a major role in disabled people’s lives.

Nevertheless, keeping a pet involves many responsibilities. First, there are extra costs involved. The pet owner needs to budget for his pet's food, equipment (cages, collars, aquarium, etc.) and veterinary care. Apart from this, if a person decides to buy a pet, he will certainly tie himself up with this animal: from that moment he will always have to take into consideration his pet's needs before going anywhere.

Taking everything into account, the pros and cons are rather balanced. There are both good and bad sides to keeping a pet. Everything depends on the character of the individual pet owner, what he particularly relishes. The relations between animals and humans are as diverse and complicated as they are between people themselves.

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