Who Really Diskovered America?

For a long time ,people belived that Christofer Columbus was the first person from Europe to land in Amarica .But new fingins show that some other people visited the continent before Columbus.One group which probably beat Columbus to America was the Vikings .They did not leave any records.But Eskimo carvings show men dressed the way the Vikings did .

St Brendan ,an Irish monk may have landed in Canada more the 1200 years ago .Columbus may not be the first ,but he is the most important explorer .Soon after his four trips other men cames to the New World.

The people

America is New World .The people who live there come from different of Florida,New Mexico and California are French and Spanish origin .Since 1820,about 50 million

Immigrants have made America their home. Today most immigrants come from Latin America and Asia. The United states are in North America .They are 50 states ,and every state have got own flag, flower and bird.

State flags and symbols

Texas has only one star on its flag while California has star and a bear . A thirteen-year old boy Benny Benson made desing for Alaska’s flag.0n his there are seven stars in the shape of the Great Bear and one goldwhich stood for the North star .

Today,the statue of Libery stands at America’s shores . She symbolize democracy and freedom . It is the larges metal statue in the world,a gift of French the American people.

It took nine years to build and was made of copper ,steel,iron and gold leaf.

The White House

Every president of the Unaited states but one has lived in the White House .Geoge Woshinhton , this first president , was the only one who didn’t .It wasn’t elegant building

It is today . The British burnt the president house during war.The house was rebuilt by 1819

And it was paint white.That is how it come to be called the white house.

The Cradle of Liberty

Boston ,Massachusetts ,one of the most interesting cities in America .There you can walk the Freedom trail and see the Famous places of the American Revoluttion.The old North Church

Still stands in the heart of the city.South of Boston is Plymouth where the mayflower doched in 1620.

Alaska and Virginia

The US bought Alaska from Russia about 100 years ago.It is the biggest state but it has the fewest people.The temperature goes 57 degrees below zero,so people use small planes or boat to travel.

Virginia is not only beautiful stute but it is historically significal as well.Thomas Jefferson of Vergine wrote Declaration of Indepence . Eight us president were born in Verginia.The state is visited bu million of people.

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