Туризма в Кипър

However, the study results can have important implications for the Cyprus Tourism Organization, which can make recommendations to the businesses comprising the private sector and regulate the quality of their services and products more strictly. Besides, in general the authorities have to make sure that the economy which is highly dependent on tourism prospers. This can be done through regulating the activity and ensuring cooperation of all governmental and semi-governmental structures including the CTO. What is more, the marketing effort of the CTO can follow the global trends better. For instance, as the baby boomers are expected to increase and live longer than the previous generations, they can be a main target of CTO as they tend to be big-spenders. Moreover, more promotional effort should be done in all the potential countries’ markets in order to face the issue of Cyprus tourism being in such a dependence on UK tourists. Finally, the findings of the research can guide an eventual CTO’s research in order to figure out what hasn’t been done, what has caused its failure to achieve its goals and how to face these issues in an efficient manner.

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